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Is your Golf swing over the top

Posted in Pro Tips by Jon Bird on 1st July 2014

Ever wondered why you only come over the top in your swing when the ball is there and not in a practice swing?? More

Check this

Posted in Pro Tips by Jon Bird on 26th February 2010

If you stand in front of a mirror in your set up position and then swing back till your left arm is parallel to the ground (for right handed players), does your right elbow appear above or below your right and by how much? More

Golf fitness

Posted in Pro Tips by Jon Bird on 10th February 2010

Anyone who says that golf is not a physical game is wrong. Just ask someone who has tried to play with an injury to their ankle, knee, hip, glute, back, arms, neck…the list goes on. The problem is that no-one knows what exercises to do and how to do them to improve ‘their’ game. If they look up information on the Internet they are bombarded by generic exercises programmes which are not golf specific and not individualised to their bodies. More

A very indepth and important artical on posture and stability

Posted in Pro Tips by Jon Bird on 9th July 2009


Interesting artical on the importance of warming up before play

Posted in Pro Tips by Jon Bird on 1st June 2009

Although warming up is widely promoted as an important measure to enhance performance and prevent injury in both amateur and professional golfing, there has been no scientific proof to date that it works. More

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