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Golf Simulator

Improve your golf swing

Our golf simulator is the perfect way for you to improve your game.

When we decided to build an indoor facility to teach golf, we spent many months researching the best possible equipment. We were looking for the easiest to use and the most accurate system on the market.

Analyse your every shot

We chose the easyplay simulator because it was very user friendly and clearly showed feedback from every shot, including ball flight, launch angle, total distance, carry, ball speed, club head angle, ball position (heel, toe, middle) club path angle and ball flight deviation.

The sensors on the easyplay system pick up the club head through impact and the spin of the ball as it travels to the screen and rebounds. it then calculates all this data to give a very accurate representation of the actual ball flight path.

Analyse your swing

Improve your swing

The easyplay analysis means that we can improve your golf swing and correct any golf swing issues you have far more quickly than with regular golf lessons.

You'll get real insight into your golf swing and know what it feels like to improve quickly.

Play 50 of the world's top courses

The system has the latest LS3 golf graphics with over 50 of the worlds top golf courses projected onto a 3.85m x 2.85m screen. The integration of these stunning course graphics and the super accurate dual system tracking technology allow the easyplay golf simulator to deliver unparallel realism of play.

The swing analyser

The Swing Analyser

A simulated golf course

One of the many simulated courses

To find out more about our golf simulator please contact us via the website or call us on 0208 659 1708.

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