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The studio offers great facilities and Jon has the equipment to give instant feedback which I find very helpful. After every lesson although I've had a couple of things to work on I've walked away with a clear goal. I think Jon's tuition and facilities will benefit people of all standards.

Steven Farmer

'I am highly impressed,' are my words expressed to fellow golfers when talking about Cannon Golf and, in particular, of Jon Bird's superb teaching skills. The venue allows his undivided attention, which with the use of visual aids and expert tuition I believe aids a greater understanding of the golf swing. With technology at his disposal he is able to accommodate all learning styles. Without doubt, this has been the most impressive golf tuition I have ever received and I thoroughly recommend Cannon Golf.

Margaret Robson

I am very happy to recommend Jon at Cannon Golf. For me he has the right blend of encouragement and constructive advice and the technology at his disposal is very impressive. It always takes a little while to transfer the lesson to the golfcourse but I'm starting to feel the benefit of what I learned in a six lesson course and I know he has many satisfied clients with a wide range of handicaps. We hope ,of course , that they will all start coming down!

Graham Wickham

Working on my swing at the [Cannon golf] studio has been hugely productive. It was incredibly helpful to see precisely why I had been losing distance by hitting the ground, or slicing the ball with my irons. It has also been helpful to see, on the computer screen, the extent to which changes recommended by Jon have actually (or not) been implemented. Jon's system is the logical way of improving one's golf.

Aziz Panni

For 2 years my golf had been steadily getting worse and worse so that I had reached the point of giving up altogether or having some golf lessons. I went to see Jon Bird and have not looked back.My ball striking is now solid and consistent and I am a bandit off my handicap.The technology at the studio is most impressive and gives a whole new dimension to the analysis of the golf swing.To be recommended.

Joanna Lamb

Golf lessons no longer need to be held outdoors in the cold and wet! Cannon Golf offer a quite superb indoor solution with state of the art technology and lots of simple golfing aids to assist in getting your swing sorted to your own requirements. The most special thing about Cannon is that they do not try to create the perfect swing. Nor do they complicate the issues. They keep it simple and constructive, basing all advice and suggestions on your swing, your capability and most importantly on your flexibility. It is a two way process which allows you to build confidence in your game. The video technology helps those who need to be persuaded about how and what and where, whilst the technology helps you understand your ball flight, distance and spin control. I thoroughly recommend it to everyone.

David Hatton

Over the last few months, working with Jon has greatly improved my swing. I am now reaching distances I could never believe I would reach, while my style has dramatically improved. Also, Dimitri, my 8 year old son, has shown a tremendous progress working with Jon. Jon's approach with both children and adults who want to learn golf is great: attentive, patient and very clear coaching. As a result, my 6 year old daughter and my wife are now in line to start lessons with Jon this week!" Loukas

Loukas Pilitsis

Using the golf simulator at Cannon Golf under the direction of Jon Bird has been an enlightening experience .Jon is one of the finest teachers that I have worked with (and there have been a few!)with simplicity being the key ingredient .I have always come away feeling that I have a better understanding of my swing and well aware of what to focus on when playing or practising .Jon uses the simulator expertly to illustrate points about my swing , often using direct comparison with top tour professionals,which this can sometimes be a humbling experience ! The information and visual effect that the simulator provides give instant awareness of improvements that are being made and help to understand and enjoy the game far more .I have been playing golf for 36 years since the age of 10 and would unhesitangly recommend both the swing simulator and Jon Bird to anybody who is playing the game , be they a beginner or a low handicap player Jon Chapman 8 handicap Chislehurst Golf Club

Jon Chapman

I have just finished my medal round. Came in with a gross 74 - net 63!! The changes you have made to my swing and the consistency that has resulted meant that I felt confident on both tee and fairway. I am thoroughly enjoying my lessons and I am sure the immediate visual feedback available in the swing studio has contributed to the rapid progress I have made. In the last 3 moths I have reduced my handicap from 14 to 10. Many thanks Colin

Dr Colin Holden

Having played for 19 years without ever having a lesson I started a course at the swing studio with trepidation, having heard horror stories about lessons ruining your game. How wrong was I.! Without doubt a complete overhaul of my game, which gave me renewed confidence on the course. Already knocked off 6 off my handicap and constantly improving (Cheers Jon). I would not hesitate in recommending using the professional service and studio these guys have to offer. My only regret is I can't have my own personnel studio at home! Alex Cooper

Alex Cooper

I saw my swing for myself on the screen and the first thing Jon got me to work on is paying big dividends. Do it and see for yourself, literally.

Digby Jenkinson

At the start of last winter I was struggling badly to keep my 8 handicap. I knew Jon from his days at Chislehurst, and knew that he was now teaching from an indoor facility in Sydenham. So I booked a lesson. When I arrived I was not prepared for was the array of computerised gadgetry which can quickly define and identify one's faults as your swing is played back to you. I subsequently booked a course of lessons for myself and my beginner wife Maddie, and it is clear that we have both improved. We are happy to recommend Jon, and we will continue to visit him for his gentle, easy to understand teaching methods A bonus for us both is the fun tournaments Jon runs, which I can also totally recommend.

Richard Simmons

"I can't recommend lessons at Cannon Golf highly enough.The transformation in my game and out look on golf through a course of lessons at Cannon Golf has been dramatic in just a few months. I am now looking to shoot lower scores and consequently enjoying playing much more. Jon is a great teacher, he is very good at showing you the correct swing, and this gives you confidence you are practicing the right thing!!! The biggest asset is the enthusiasm and clarity of the lessons."

Andy Grimshaw

"I had previously tried lessons with a few local golf professionals but wasn't finding much in the way of progress. Having being recommended to you by a friend I can only say how glad I am that I choose you for lessons. My swing (and scoring) has improved dramatically under your guidance. Your teaching techniques are easy to understand and the exercises you suggested have enabled me to improve my swing in my own time. It's also nice to know that I don't have to stand freezing on a driving range during a winter lesson. Next stop single figures!! Thanks, Andy"

Andy Berry

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