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Speed of the backswing

Posted in Pro Tips by Jon Bird on 5th September 2008

I see many amateurs swing back from the ball way to fast in an attempt to hit further. This usualy results in an over swing, a loss of control and mis-struck, weak shots. More

The Uphill, Sidehill Lie

Posted in Pro Tips by Jon Bird on 22nd July 2008

Most golf courses are anything but flat. One of the minor challenges that golfers face is to play lies from the various potential slants, either uphill, downhill, or on the side of a hill. Today we take a peek at one of the potential side-hill lies. More

The importance of the set-up

Posted in Pro Tips by Jon Bird on 22nd July 2008

Golfers striving to improve their scores must focus on fundamentals for success. The single most important and most overlooked full swing fundamental is the setup. The setup writes the script for the swing and all too often amateur and professional golfers struggle due to poor address positions. All great golfers and teachers are aware of the importance of the setup. More

Myth: Keep your head still

Posted in Pro Tips by Jon Bird on 4th June 2008

Keep your head still!! What if I was to tell you it was bad advice? To hit consistently powerful straight shots, there has to be weight transference during the swing. More

Golf the right way round

Posted in Pro Tips by Jon Bird on 4th June 2008

During my years of teaching I have come to realise that most golfers go about lessons in the wrong way. Due to the cold weather and the dark winter evenings many golfers don't touch a club from November till March. More

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