Posted in News by Jon Bird on 16th November 2009

Are you thinking of taking up Golf?
It is important to begin your Journey into golf the right way if you want to achieve your potential. The South London based True Golf Swing Studio is the perfect venue to get you started. Golf Clubs and Driving Ranges can be intimidating places for the novice golfer, however we at the True Golf Swing Studio pride ourselves on a warm and friendly welcome to all newcomers.
Our lessons are indoors and private one to one, so no one will be watching as you take your first tentative swings. We don't have a dress code although we reccommend you wear comfortable clothing and flat shoes or trainers with a descent grip.
We provide all the equipment needed and the six 1/2 hour beginners course covers:
- Introduction to the game and rules of golf
- An understanding of the equipment used
- How to hold the club and stand corectly
- The fundamentals of the full golf swing
- Introduction to Pitching, Chipping and Putting
All golf lessons are tailored to the individual pupils needs and learning ability.
Please feel free to contact us if you require any further information before you start your journey.