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Build a better putting stroke

The True-Putt™ has been designed to help you focus on striking the ball from the sweet spot of the putter face and to develop a stable and consistent putting stroke.

By placing the True Putt™ to the face of your putter, this useful accessory exposes the weaknesses in your putting stroke and highlights the adjustments required to improve it.

The True Putt™ is a semi-circular-shaped putter attachment which affects off-target putting strokes by exaggerating the angle at which the ball leaves the putter. This gives a useful guide as to how close to the sweet spot you are hitting the ball and indicates the rate at which you are improving.

To achieve the perfect putt, the ball must be struck from the putter's sweet spot. If the sweet spot is missed, by as little as 3mm, the ball is mis-directed and there is loss of required distance.

In other words: if you do not hit the ball with the putter's sweet spot, you have less chance of it going where you want it to. By using the True Putt™ you will build a stable and consistent putting stroke.

Hitting the ball with the sweet spot of the True Putt™ allows the ball to go straight. Strike the ball off-centre and the True Putt™ lets you know how far you have missed it!

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Practice Drills

Please click a link below to view intructions for True-Putt practice drills.