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Build a better mental game

Attaching the True-Mind labels to your golf clubs will help you focus on one particular key thought and teach your mind to concentrate on the aspect of the game that will most benefit you.

All leading sports professionals now appreciate the importance of using a sports psychologist to help them unlock their full potential and achieve their goals.

Let’s face it, the golf swing is a complicated movement, each part of your body has to start in the correct position then move in a synchronised and exact sequence to the finish of the swing. The slightest incorrect movement could be the difference between a great shot and an air shot.

To improve the mechanics of your golf swing you have to spend time working on and thinking about the many movements required which can only be done during lessons and on the practise tee. Unfortunately most of us continue to work on our mechanics on the golf course, with disastrous results.

The True-Mind labels will help golfers get away from thinking about mechanics on the course and to focus on key thoughts. The word on each label has been specifically designed to enable the power of your mind unlock your full potential and achieve your goals.